Different Roulette Strategies – Which Is The Best?

Many roulette players feel like absolute rubbish about roulette strategy. However, here are 10 most common misconceptions regarding roulette strategy. 1. Past Spins Don’t Affect Future Spins. No matter how much you spin the wheels, the odds that the ball landing at one color/number/etc remains the same each time you place a bet.

roulette strategy

This is completely false! Any past wins or losses have absolutely no effect on your chances of making future bets. The only reason why you lose or win is because you place too many bets. Therefore, it is not possible for someone to win or lose based on their roulette strategy alone.

The best way to win is not by having the most expensive bets, it is by placing the right bets. But how can you know which bets are the right ones? Simple, analyze the odds and see which numbers look the best. If the odds are good, bet on that number. It is important not to place more bets on numbers that have high chances of winning.

It is true that playing roulette systemically makes a person win more often. This however does not mean that it is a wise idea to do so. In fact, if you plan to play with any kind of strategy, be it a systematic or an outright approach, it is not advisable. Analyzing the numbers and making educated gambles can actually help you play better. If you plan on doing this manually though, remember to go slow so as not to make your strategy counterproductive.

It is believed that the best type of roulette strategy is to play long term. Betting on short term bets when you do not know much about the wheel odds, is the worst thing you can do. Why is this? Well, since you do not know the outcome until the last possible spin, your best bet may be to bet long term, so as not to incur losses in a single spin.

There are so many times when people are impatient enough to wait for too long before striking. They may place their bets too many times, thinking that they would strike it lucky sometimes. In fact, there are people who have been waiting for too long and still did not. If you are one of those who are impatient, do yourself a favour and wait for just a few spins instead of many times.